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Choosing a Notary Signing Service

Choosing a Notary Signing Service

Looking for a notary to notarize your document(s)? Many Americans have found themselves in need of a notary and have had trouble with finding a notary to travel to them. With the digital era in front of us you would think it would be easy to locate a reliable service to send a notary to your location and notarize your document(s), but that is not the case. Many of these signing services only deal with the mortgage industry leaving out the general public.
There are places you can walk into and have your documents notarized, but what if you have no means of transportation or bed ridden in a hospital? Maybe you just want to sign your documents in the peace and quiet of your own home without a line of people behind you?
You want to select a company that is committed to making your notarization a stress-free experience. There are many documents that need to be notarized and not all of them are easy on the family emotions to sign. For example, Hospitals and Assisted living facilities provide advanced directive forms which include Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for medical and financial affairs. Finding a service who is committed to making everyone at the signing feel comfortable and at ease during the notarization process may be harder that you think unless you know what to look for in a signing service.
Communication is the key to this process. Communication is used in a wide variety of ways such as customer-client relations, and internal/employee communications. You want a service who is going to walk you through the process and hold your hand the entire way. Therefore a company with great communication skills is a key factor in this notarization process. Email and phones are the main ways of communication now a days. Look for a service who is willing to communicate with you in ways that you feel comfortable.
Business and phones have changed many times over the years. Press 1 for this option and speak what you need. I just want to get to the right area and speak with someone. You don’t want to wait for 10 minutes before you reach someone or end up yelling into the phone what you need because the automated voice can’t understand you. Find a service who will pick up the phone and have a knowledgeable professional answer all your questions or concerns.

Emails is intuitive, efficient, and useful way of communication. Many of us prefer to deal with situations via email. Locate a service that will send you an email restating the signing location, who your notary is going to be, and what date and time will the notary show up to your chosen location. You want a company who is going to respond to your emails in a timely manner. No one wants to sit around and wait for a response that they need right away.
Key words to look for when browsing through websites to locate a mobile notary signing service that deals with the public are and not restricted to: Estate Planning, Family Trusts, Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, Employment verifications, Healthcare, Travel Permits, Title, Bill of Sale, Divorce Decree, Marriage License, Power of Attorney, and Bank Forms. These are just a few of the many documents Americans need to have notarized each year. If you come across a website with these key words more than likely you have found yourself a signing service that will cater to your needs.

Garrett Mitcheltree is the CFO of NotaryonTheWay.com and Notaries247.com. A nationwide mobile notary service specializing in assisting individuals with any type of notarization they may need. Notaries247.com is a nationwide loan document signing service specializing in assisting the title escrow and mortgage industry. Garrett has been successfully in business for over 15 years. Garrett is an accomplished writer and enjoys volunteering in his community, traveling and spending time with his family.