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Raymond’s Gautam Singhania’s separation from wife brings his feud with father Vijaypat back in focus

Raymond Ltd Chairman Gautam Singhania’s announcement on Monday about separating from his wife Nawaz Modi brought the industrialist’s feud with his father Vijaypat Singhania back in focus.

The similarities are uncanny with the way both the family feuds played out. Hours after Singhania announced his separation from wife Nawaz after 24-year marriage and “32 years as a couple”,. a video surfaced online showing Singhania’s wife allegedly being locked out of his Diwali party in Thane on Sunday (November 12).

In the video, purportedly shot outside the party venue in Thane, Nawaz Singhania is seen with another woman standing at the gate, claiming she was stopped by the security guards despite receiving an invitation for the event.

This kind of acrimony was visible when Vijaypat was denied a flat in Singhania family’s 36-storey JK House in South Mumbai.

In 2017, Vijaypat had alleged that Raymond Ltd hasn’t given him possession of a duplex in the multi-storey JK House building in south Mumbai. As per a 2007 family agreement, Vijaypat and his son Gautam, and the widow and two sons of Vijaypat’s brother Ajaypat Singhania, were to get a duplex each in JK House, a family property.

The former industrialist had alleged in his petition that Gautam was occupying more area in the JK House than he was entitled to. He also said that Raymond failed to respond to his offers of payment to get possession of the duplex.

Vijaypat stepped down as chairman of the prominent company in 2015 after handing over the reins to Gautam.

The rift worsened after Vijaypat, an avid aviator, alleged that many invaluable documents and a gold medal given by the President of India were missing from his cabin at Mahindra Tower in Worli.

The list of allegedly stolen articles includes Padma Bhushan Certificate and Gold Medal issued by the President of India, Gold Media of World Records Aviation, World Record Certificate for flying the hot air gas balloon to the highest altitude, the Battle Axe presented by the Chief of Indian Air Force, photographs and paintings.

Gautam denied the allegations and said in a statement the accusations were “baseless and malicious”. He went on to add, “I feel extremely pained that at his age, he is involved in denunciations just to gain media mileage and cheap publicity.”

Meanwhile, Nawaz Modi Singhania has shared a video on social media of her participating in a Diwali puja with her in-laws at their apartment.

“Ever blessed to have my in-laws’ unstinted support, love, kindness and help, at these and all times. Here on Diwali doing Pujas followed by dinner with them at their apartment, on this highly auspicious, powerful God-sent time of year,” she wrote on Instagram.