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NetNewsLedger – Beefing Up Revenue with Digital Marketing

NetNewsLedger – Beefing Up Revenue with Digital Marketing

Businesses are beefing up the revenue x56 every day, hooking up with their audiences, and influencing them to be their own. It’s smart. Brands are required to stand out and deliver impressively. When it hits right, it leaves a legacy known as a trend.

Heads up! We teamed up with Asher Ali Mirza, a digital marketing expert, to unfold the secrets of a booming revenue through digital strategy. Grab your notebooks and start taking points.

1.   Before talking business, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist, helping brands grow their revenue for the past ten years. From developing a proximal marketing strategy to the full fledge social media advertising to running PPC campaigns, I’ve worked with around 150 top-notch brands and top 15 digital media agencies. Currently, my team and I are working with 50 brands comprising diverse niche networks, including education, real estate, eCommerce, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, fashion industry, hospitality& tour, and lifestyle.

Right now, I have a team of 25 working with me to bring massive value to the business. Formally, we named our digital marketing agency Digital Melons where we’ve catered to 800+ projects so far.

2.   What made you become a digital marketing enthusiast?

Since high school, I have been very fond of marketing. Since we are moving towards digitalizing, I enjoy testing the latest marketing tools and how they can turn out beneficial for businesses. That’s how it began.

3.   What’s a successful campaign for you?

Any digital marketing method that brings a high turnover to the objective and ultimately triggers the sale and loyal community -that’s a successful campaign. If you ask me about strategies, it’s simple to answer. Like my coffee, I prefer performance marketing methods that are intensely buzzing and hard-hitting.

A campaign’s success is based on the right message to the right audience that meets the objective just right.

4.   What’s your advice for entrepreneurs who are looking for digital marketing solutions?

That’s my favorite part to discuss! Entrepreneurs are connected to their work -these beautiful souls are enthusiastic, brave, and optimistic. Since this journey is about learning and earning -I recommend a few things that can save their time, energy, and money.

Don’t avoid ad spending or fear it -even on a new page. It’s not about conversions and leads; instead, spend ad amount at the right place. Keep sharing and experiment. Do your best to bring out your brand essence digitally.

5.   How can businesses ace their growth with digital marketing?

With the fast pace, we all need to be updated, Which will make us more competitive. There are so many factors of why to opt for digital marketing along with fancier outputs. Like, social media has improved brands’ image by getting many followers online.’

I suggest businesses shouldn’t overlook the power of social media marketing, SEO, and PPC, no matter what. Instead of burning your money to get views or likes. Go for strategic help that ensures a great outcome.

I’ve worked with more than $5M ad spent over time and found it’s all about great ideas, greater content, and the greatest performance strategy. That’s why professionals are there to help your business turn into a brand.

6.   How can we connect with you for more incredible digital growth?

I’m always up for consultation and put my efforts into bringing the best for your business. You can visit my website www.ashermirza.com to write me up at [email protected]. To get updated with the latest marketing insights -feel free to follow my social media channels.

Beefing Up Revenue with Digital Marketing – Tea Spills with Asher Ali Mirza