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How to Master AI and Lead the Future of Content and SEO


The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with John Janstch

  • [01:08] What sets this era of the content game apart for you?
  • [01:32] You once said AI was evil, what triggered your shift in that perspective?
  • [04:36] How does Content at Scale outshine other similar tools?
  • [06:20] In what ways does AI excel in content writing that can challenge even human writers?
  • [07:56] What guidance do you have for content writers looking to embrace AI?
  • [09:50] How can we encourage individuals to view content as a central element of their business strategy?
  • [10:56] How do you create content that generates results?
  • [13:01] How does this AI tool optimize for SEO and what formats can it use?
  • [15:04] What’s your advice for marketers looking to repurpose existing content effectively?
  • [16:18] What’s the best way to start exploring Content at Scale?
  • [18:15] Where else can people connect with you and learn more about your work?

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