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Best NFC Business Cards (2023) » Small Business Bonfire

Best NFC Business Cards (2023) » Small Business Bonfire

Ready to make a big business splash in 2023? We’ve got just the thing for you – NFC-enabled business cards that can turn your small company into an industry leader.

Forget boring old swipe cards and paper business cards that get lost in wallets; NFC technology enhances customer service experiences to create cutting-edge authenticity and convenience when networking with clients.

Keep reading as we list some of the best NFC-enabled business cards available this year!

What is an NFC (Near Field Communication) Card?

NFC cards are one of the best ways for businesses to keep track of sales, marketing, and customer rewards.

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which lets customers tap their credit or debit card at a checkout terminal and instantly access personal information.
  • NFC cards eliminate the need for manually entering information every time someone purchases and provide businesses with improved security and data accuracy.
  • By using NFC business cards, companies can access valuable insights into customer behavior quickly and accurately.

This type of technology is becoming increasingly popular within the retail industry as it enables quick transactions without sacrificing security or accuracy.

What Are The Best NFC Business Cards for 2023?


Blinq is a clever way for businesses to take advantage of NFC technology.

It revolutionizes how people exchange digital business cards by providing best-in-class contactless card-sharing. 

By encoding all your important contact information on a dynamic digital card, Blinq gives businesses the potential to

  • improve lead generation
  • expedite sales cycles 
  • and contribute to successful brand recognition

Blinq’s ever-evolving digital marketing capabilities create tremendous opportunities in terms of customer engagement and new kinds of innovative content showcasing.

These best-in-class NFC business cards enable users to experience enhanced networking while ensuring they never miss out on an opportunity to make an important connection.


Blinq is one of the best providers of NFC business cards. 

Blinq understands that modern businesses need up-to-date digital tools to stay competitive, which is why they offer a comprehensive suite of features for their NFC cards.

Blinq features

Features of Blinq NFC Business cards include:

  • Fully customizable NFC Business cards so your card can represent your brand
  • The ability to share your card with anyone, even if they aren’t Blinq users themselves, via LinkedIn, QR code, or email
  • The ability for prospects to save your contact information directly to their phone when they open your NFC business card

Blinq makes it easier to quickly exchange contact details with customers and partners and adds professionalism to any business. If you’re looking for the best NFC business cards, look no further than Blinq’s superior offerings!


Blinq is among the best in NFC business cards, providing pricing options tailored to every budget and situation. 

With various pricing plans tailored to individuals, businesses, and enterprises, Blinq can easily provide a solution that meets each customer’s needs.

Blinq pricing

Not only does it offer best-in-class NFC cards, but it also offers high-quality physical business cards, with both of these costing a fraction of the price you would normally pay for such services.

Blinq business cards pricing

There are three pricing plans offered by Blinq; Essential ($14), Infinite ($40), and Custom ($60).

Depending on your needs, each plan has its benefits, ensuring something suitable for everyone. So if you’re after high-quality and best-value business cards, look no further than Blinq.


Blinq is the best RFID business card service on the market. It offers several excellent features that make managing your virtual and physical cards quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

Pros of Blinq include:

  • Convenient – Blinq’s NFC business cards make it easier than ever for you to exchange contact information with customers, partners, and prospects.
  • Customizable – You can customize your NFC business card with your logo, design, content, and more.
  • Secure – By taking advantage of the latest security protocols to protect customer data, you can be sure that data passed through Blinq’s cards are safe and secure.


Although Blinq is best known for its best NFC business cards, they also have some drawbacks that can’t be overlooked when considering them as a potential technology solution.

Cons of Blinq include:

  • Popularity – As the technology is still relatively new, there is a chance that not all of your customers are aware of NFC business cards.
  • Limited Compatibility – Check if your devices are compatible with Blinq before investing in their services.


Popl is an industry leader in the best NFC business cards and has revolutionized the traditional way of exchanging contact information. 

Popl brings a whole new functionality to the digital business card market by giving businesses an integrated analytical tool for managing their contacts.


With the use of Popl, you can:

  • Easily create teams for your employees.
  • Perform bulk changes and registrations
  • Access analytics that enhances lead identification
  • And much more.

This latest technology simplifies and streamlines digital networking while providing important insights into a company’s outreach and presence within the industry.


Popl is a great business solution that provides users with best-in-class NFC business cards.

Popl features
  • The app includes a professional profile with all your contact information, pertinent business details, social media platform links, and more.
  • You can digitally send your business card to any iPhone or Android user via NFC technology, text, email, or QR code—no need for them to have the app! 
  • If utilizing the Pro version of Popl, you gain access to a scanner and CRM integrations for Salesforce, Outlook, and Hubspot.
  • With Popl’s tracking system for leads by team members combined with CRM integration, businesses can track contacts and grow their business potential.
more Popl features

Popl offers customers a variety of product options for their best NFC business card experience.

Choose from:

  • Popl’s are the standard NFC tags you can customize with a logo and your preferred colors.
  • Sleek card designs come in various shapes and sizes, including my favorite 24k Gold Card!
  • If you prefer something stylish for an upcoming networking event, you might want to check out some of Popl’s best badges, bands, and keychains. 
  • Lastly, upgrade your case to a smart one where the NFC technology is already embedded; no more worrying about attaching a tag or making extra space within your wallet.
Popl products


Popl offers a free profile and downloadable app to easily store and share your digital contact information.

For further usage of the most advanced features, such as video and CRM integrations, the Popl Pro Version or Team account is recommended. 

The best part is that all purchases include a free profile and downloadable app, making it incredibly convenient.

Popl pricing


Popl is an ideal choice for businesses looking to make their best first impression. 

  • With vast options available, you can find the best NFC business cards that suit your needs.
  • Not only are these hassle-free products easy to use and compatible with Android and Apple devices, but they also hold detailed contact information to keep track of important contacts in one secure location quickly.


One con to using Popl cards is that upgrading their higher tiers to access certain features may be necessary.

However, despite the need for an upgrade to access select features, Popl nonetheless offers a reliable and convenient option for those who want an easy-to-use NFC business card.


Mobilo Card homepage

Mobilo Card is the best of the best when it comes to NFC business cards.

This company offers various quality materials, such as wood and metal, for their cards – they also offer CRM integration with app connections that make it incredibly easy to share your business information with more people.

Mobilo Card material options

There are three products available from Mobilo Card:

  • Business cards available in classic, metal, and wood designs
  • Attachable Smart Buttons, which can be placed anywhere, such as on your phone or wallet
  • Key Fobs for on-the-go access to your digital business card

For teams, businesses, or anyone looking for RFID business cards, Mobilo has you covered!


Mobilo offers best-in-class NFC business cards, giving you a cutting-edge networking opportunity.

  • By using their extremely secure cards that draw upon a unique QR code, users can quickly, flexibly, and securely share their cards on an array of platforms that range from online digital events to in-person physical meetups.
  • Their integrated Team version also allows admins to log into the account and distribute leads to their team’s respective CRM without ever having to leave Mobilo. 
  • The powerful app allows users to utilize onboarding/offboarding tools and lead generation boards to not only maximize ROI but also increase overall engagement between customers and your business and conversions.
Mobilo features

With Mobilo’s best NFC business cards, conversations with potential leads have evolved from virtual phone calls to live video conference meetings!


Mobilo offers a variety of pricing options, from personal cards to comprehensive Team management plans.

Whether you’re looking to step up your networking game or provide your team with best-in-class contactless business cards, Mobilo has something perfect for your needs.

Mobilo Card pricing

The metal option may be the best NFC business card around – and it comes with a higher price tag – but its superior construction and sleek design are worth every penny.

With Mobilo, you can join the ranks of opportunists who know that first impressions matter.


Mobilo offers best-in-class NFC business cards, giving users a cutting-edge networking opportunity. 

  • Secure QR codes allow customers to easily share their cards on digital and physical scenes.
  • The Team version lets admins transfer leads from Mobilo to their CRM efficiently and quickly.
  • The powerful app enables users to use onboarding/offboarding tools and lead generation boards that help grow ROI and enhance customers’ engagement with businesses for effective conversions.


If you’re in the market for the best NFC business cards, Mobilo might be on your radar. But what are the cons to Mobilo?

  • The biggest is its upfront cost which can get quite expensive.
  • This cost is greatly reduced if you sign up for a team account, but it can still be steep for some users.


Linq homepage

Linq is revolutionizing how people exchange their contact information, send invites, and share their portfolios.

These best-in-class NFC business cards offer various options to make an everlasting impression – making them more than your typical business card.

With Linq, you can share your portfolio anywhere, anytime, with just the tap of a card.

Linq offers a unique suite of products ideal for businesses looking to make a great first impression.

  • Their best NFC business cards come with an array of stunning designs, from classic flat black to bamboo.
  • Customize Taps with NFC tags or stickers that can easily be placed anywhere, such as on your phone.
  • With a badge program, you can also get badges or hubs best suited to networking events or offices.
  • If you’re an Apple Watch user, Linq’s Smart Bands are something to check out, as they offer a great way to keep your business contacts close by.
Linq standard product options


Linq is a powerful digital identity platform offering best-in-class features like NFC business cards and a sleek, professional design.

  •  Linq gives users access to professional design tools with plenty of options, enabling users to craft the perfect portrait of their business.
  • With Linq Pro, users can take their digital profiles to the next level with advanced multimedia content such as music, videos, and calendars.
  • Users can access powerful marketing analytic tools like click tracking, lead conversion tracking, and more to watch their business grow and give customers the key information they need.

All these features come together for a comprehensive online profile that will help you succeed online.


Linq pricing options

For businesses looking for the best in NFC business cards, Linq Pricing provides an unbeatable deal.

  • Anyone can get started without a large upfront investment with their free profile.
  • But if you want all the added benefits like access to advanced analytics and video, you only need to sign up for their Pro level – costing just $5 a month.
Linq pricing options continued

Should your company’s needs require additional features, Team setups are also available so customers can get in touch to discuss all their needs depending on the size of their team.

Linq’s pricing system puts all the best features within reach for any budget or setup.


Linq is a powerful digital identity platform that allows users to take their business to the next level.

  • It offers best-in-class features, such as the best NFC business cards and a sleek, professional design.
  • With its selection of design tools, users can build an identity tailored specifically to their brand. 
  • Linq Pro grants access to more than just the best NFC business cards but also advanced multimedia content like music, videos, and calendars.
  • Marketers and entrepreneurs wishing to track the progress of their campaigns can do so with features such as click tracking and lead conversion tracking – all with the help of Linq.


Although Linq offers a wide array of the best NFC business cards with the option to customize, the downside is that it does not have many background options. 

In other words, business owners looking for more customizability options for designing their best NFC business cards may feel limited when using Linq.

Despite its limited background choices, LINQ still looks attractive with its large range of colorful icons allowing users to create something aesthetically pleasing without worrying about being restricted.


V1ce homepage

V1ce business cards are unique and offer a great way to present a business profile.

  • They specialize in products that contain NFC technology, giving users the ability to quickly and easily scan their profiles onto phones or other products.
  • V1ce provides many options for best presenting professional information, from phone cases to wallets.
  • What sets them apart is their ability to store multiple profiles, allowing consumers to decide which best suits their clients’ needs. 
  • These profiles can be updated online or on your phone with just a few simple steps – making V1ce the best option for NFC business cards.
V1ce wallets


V1ce has revolutionized the way business cards are presented and shared. They offer the best NFC business cards with various coloring options to convey your professional persona.

V1ce features
  • The design process is simple and straightforward, and you can select from the various materials offered, such as black, bamboo, gold, walnut, or cherry.
  • All you need to do is upload your logo for printing, then approve it for delivery. The digital interface of these business cards includes personal information such as name and contact details to ensure everyone understands exactly who you are and how best to reach out to you professionally.
  • QR codes embedded at the back of these cards make it easier for individuals to access more information about your company on their phones.

Make your next networking opportunity memorable with V1ce’s best NFC business cards!


Whether you are a business professional or need something to fit in your wallet, V1ce has the best NFC business cards. 

For those looking for something of quality, their pricing is reasonable – with many products starting at $68. 

V1ce cards

With such a great selection, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for without breaking the bank.


V1ce is best known for providing top-notch NFC business cards.

  • The design process of these cards is simple, and customers can select their preferred materials from a list of options like black, bamboo, gold, walnut, or cherry.
  • Customers can upload logos to customize their cards.
  • Along with contact information such as name and address details printed on the business cards, customers may incorporate QR codes at the back to access further information about their company.


V1ce cards are some of the best NFC business cards, as they’re stylish and modern-looking. However, their cost can be prohibitive for many people.

Though there is no subscription fee, the single purchase of these cards is often pricier than similar cards in the market, making it an unappealing choice for budget-conscious customers.


TapTok homepage

TapTok is redefining the best NFC business cards industry. Their TapTok Business Cards and “dots” are easy to use and set up. 

  • With no extra app required, users can share their information with one tap. 
  • As eligible iPhones and Android phones will be updated with the contact information immediately, those receiving the cards will have a smooth experience. 
  •  The adhesive dots are not just stickers but also a phone holder – so if you already have a phone holder, switch it out for this two-in-one combination.

TapTok combines convenience and efficiency, making it the perfect option for any business partner or a client looking to exchange contact information easily.


TapTok offers the best in NFC business cards that allow users to instantly share their contacts without the hassle of manually entering details.

  • With just one tap, you can integrate information such as social media profiles, phone numbers, and emails into your contacts without needing an app. 
  • TapTok also includes a QR code for those who don’t yet have NFC capability on their phones.
  • To top it all off, there is no subscription cost – just an easy one-time payment for the card itself. Talk about convenience!


TapTok provides the best NFC business cards money can buy with a straightforward price structure. 

  • There is no subscription and only a one-time cost for the product, making it accessible to anyone regardless of budget.
  • The cards vary in value from $29.99 to $79.99, while a single dot retails at $19.99, perfect for those who need more portability than the larger cards offer.
TapTok pricing

With TapTok, you’ll get the best quality NFC cards on the market without spending extra money on recurring subscriptions – leaving more cash to make an impact with digital branding!


  • TapTok is an innovative NFC-enabled business card provider that offers best-in-class service with no subscription fees and no necessary app downloads
  • It’s simple and can quickly integrate contacts into your communication networks.
  • Plus, the cards are completely customizable, so the best NFC business cards don’t have to look like others on the market. 

These features make TapTok a great choice for anyone who needs a professional networking solution without the headache of costly software or extensive tech setup.


Although TapTok is best known for its best NFC business cards, it has limited use in the larger business landscape. 

  • By not integrating a CRM system, users of TapTok are left without an automated means to track customer data and outreach.
  • With no ability to embed videos from other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, businesses miss out on the full range of promotional possibilities using video content.
  • TapTok lacks sophisticated analytics capabilities that provide insights into user engagement and growth.

These features make it difficult to rely solely on TapTok as the primary source of data analysis, marketing automation, and video hosting.

Now You Decide

Having an NFC business card is becoming more important for businesses, as it allows them to ensure their customers get the best deals and services. 

When choosing an NFC business card, there are a few things you should keep in mind, such as: 

  • Whether your card requires an app or additional integration.
  • Features are important since they determine what (or how well) tasks can be completed using NFC cards.
  • Additionally, consider if the data stored on the card can be managed easily to ensure that all customer information is kept safe and secure.

With all this considered, you can ensure that you get the best NFC business card out there.

Now we’d like to hear from you; which of these NFC business cards are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

NFC Business Cards FAQ

Are NFC business cards a good idea?

NFC business cards are a great idea for businesses looking to make exchanging contact information easier and more efficient. They also provide additional features such as QR codes and customized designs, making them even better.

Are NFC business cards safe?

Yes. NFC business cards provide a secure and efficient way to store data, as well as additional features such as custom designs and QR codes.

Are NFC cards worth it?

Yes, NFC business cards are worth it for businesses looking to streamline the exchange of contact information.

How do I make business cards with NFC?

Making business cards with NFC is easy. All you need to do is choose a design, print it onto the card, and attach an NFC tag. You can then use any compatible device to transfer data quickly and securely. Additionally, many companies offer custom designs and printing services that make creating your own NFC business card even easier.

What is an NFC business card? How do customers use it?

An NFC business card is a contactless form of a business card that utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology to allow users to quickly and securely exchange data with one another. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and efficiency, as well as the additional features they provide, such as QR codes and customizable designs.