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Amazon Takes On Microsoft And Google With James Bond-Inspired AI Chatbot ‘Q’ – Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN)

In a move aimed at revolutionizing business operations and challenging tech giants like Microsoft and Google in the productivity software domain, Amazon AMZN has introduced a new artificial intelligence chatbot named Q.

Amazon announced the launch of Q, an artificial intelligence chatbot for businesses, at the company’s Web Services’ Reinvent conference in Las Vegas, according to a CNBC report. Named after a popular character from the James Bond movies and the Star Trek series, Q is currently available in a preview version, with several features accessible free of charge.

Following the preview period, Amazon will offer a business tier of the software costing $20 per user per month. A version with additional features tailored for developers and IT workers will be available at $25 per user per month. Initially, the chatbot will assist users in understanding the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and troubleshooting issues.

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Users can communicate with Q through apps like Salesforce‘s Slack and software developers’ text-editing applications, according to Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS. Q will also be incorporated into AWS’s online Management Console.

Steven Dickens, vice president and practice leader at the Futurum Group, remarked, “AWS Q will be a game changer for AWS customers who have a plethora of service options, oftentimes overlapping to navigate.”

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