Home Business A business plan starts with a financial feasibility study

A business plan starts with a financial feasibility study

A business plan starts with a financial feasibility study

Our team helps startups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses with strategic planning, financial forecasting, and business plan writing. We have been fortunate to work with some great people and have learned very much about the business plan writing process.

We have reviewed many business plans and are always bothered by the general flow of them. Often we read business plans that have pages and pages of industry jargon, data points, and other useless metrics, relevant only from a national perspective.

Many consultants rely on sources like Ibis World and others that are helpful indeed. However, these sources can not become the crux of the business plan. Our professional opinion and approach to writing business plans begins with creating the financial plan.

You can contact us to receive an example of one of our financial plans. This aspect of the business plan writing process requires extensive research as several assumptions have to be made to properly formulate a data-driven financial plan.

As the financial model is developed, thoughtful effort is given to the primary revenue streams and the necessary cost structure to properly execute the business plan. Once the financial plan is constructed, the remainder of the business plan can be created.

A successful business plan provides a cohesive document that integrates the financial conclusions into the qualitative portions. Further, these qualitative portions must be as specific as possible to the geography and NAICS code of the business.

We like to use BizMiner for assistance with rooting down to zip code level market data, which allows us to prepare the most accurate revenue forecast based on a logical market sizing exercise. Our business plan writers can help you with the highly analytical, quantitative process of writing a plan that actually adds value and helps you operate, execute, and succeed.

A professional business plan can be captured in 18-22 pages. Every word and page must pass the “So What?” test. If something doesn’t add tremendous value or context then it’s likely irrelevant and a waste of space. We highly recommend to all that your business plan be action-oriented and hyper-focused on the revenue model and cost structure. Most business plans we review are filled with junk and unusable information that doesn’t strengthen the narrative.

You can learn more about Synergy Strategy Consulting here and view samples of our business plans to get a better sense of the quality of our work. We provide a premium service and have a proven record of helping businesses launch and succeed. Investing in a professional business plan is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do.